Laurie Anne Burghezi, Licensed Esthetician, Wellness Consultant


Laurie Anne Burghezi,

Licensed Esthetician

Wellness Consultant

Associate Degree/Applied Science/Medical Assistant

Emergency Medical Technician

Applying personal, professional and friendly skin care, wellness and education.

Being in those years of needing the age defying skin care and overall care myself, I try everything before using it, or promoting it.  This way I know and have experienced how the product, treatment, supplement, education affected me first hand.

Promoting healthy advice, preventative care, and the most naturally based products and intervention available or possible.

I do what I do because I enjoy helping people.  From skin care and education, wellness advice, weight loss, stress, to the emergency field,  I just love helping people. 

Wellness has become a passion.  I would love to help you change your life~one day at a time.  I can put you in the hands of a tremendously caring team of wellness professionals.  Promoting skin care, chiropractic care, wellness, weight loss, supplements, massage and more.  If you need a good primary care practitioner, I can help with that as well.  Life is so hectic and stressful these days.  It is hard to manage our lives and find balance, not to mention eating healthy on the run and prepping for our families.

I would love to meet you and if you would like, help you change your life, one day at a time. 

Lets get motivated~ let wellness be your way!

One should always get their health care providers input prior to starting anything new.

Much love.