Please remember to always wear sunscreen of at least 30spf.  Of course, the higher the spf the better.  This is necessary in any season but especially in the summer months.

Follow the manufacturers recommendations on the product.  Some need to be applied prior to going out into the sun and have the opportunity to absorb.  Others need to be reapplied routinely after so many minutes/hours or after you have been in the water.

The sun causes us so many skin problems from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and cancer. 

Sunning does offer us needed Vitamin D which is absorbed by the skin from the sun but, we can get what we need within 10 minutes per day prior to applying the suncsreen/hats etc.   We really don't need alot of sun exposure  to acquire the Vitamin D that we actually need.  Unprotected exposure after about 10 minutes can be unhealthy for the skin.

Zinc based sunscreen is by far the best and my favorite!

Wear sunglasses!!  The squinting caused by the sun will surely add to the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead. 

Our skin changes in the summer.  Your skin  may become more oily due to the humidity and heat.  You may find that you need to alter your skin regimen/products somewhat to accomodate for the increased oils.

I am surprised that many do not know that you should NOT use the bar soap, scrubs, and moisturizers  that you use on your body on your face.   The skin on your face is very different from the skin on your body.  Sweat glands, pH and other factors are just different and need to be treated differently when we care for our skin..  Using these body products on your face can cause dryness, acne, inflammation and an overall poor appearance to your face. 

Please acquire some reputable facial products and keep the over the counter body products on the body parts and away from your face....

All natural ideas:

Fluff and egg white and apply to your face, neck and chest after cleansing.  Allow to stay on for about 7-10 minutes and remove with a warm towel and moisturize( all skin types)

You can use white corn meal mixed into a paste with water, jojoba or olive for an at home, all natural exfoliant.  This can be used on the body as well.  Can use up to 3 times/week.( all skin types)

Jojoba Oil is just an overall excellent product.  This has the closest chemistry to our own human oil.  It is great for all skin types, can be used as a night time moisturizer, as a bath additive, on the body for dryness/softness,  in the hair as a overnight oil treatment and fingernail soak.   Give it a try/would love to hear the feed back.

Have a great summer!  Stay safe! Keep your skin happy and healthy.